Taste the Spirit Since 1846

The Fassbind distillery was founded in 1846 by Gottfried Fassbind in Oberarth SZ, in the heart of Switzerland. Since then Fassbind have dedicated themselves to the mastery of distilling handcrafted, pure fruit spirits from Swiss premium fruit.

Today, Fassbind is the oldest still functioning distillery and the second biggest distiller in Switzerland. Distilling fruit according to recipes handed down in the family for 170 years.

In 2014, Best Taste Trading, a distinguished Import and Distribution Company in Switzerland took over the Fassbind Company to restore the historic distillery.

Les Eaux de Vie

Our Most Traditional, Handcrafted Fruit Spirits

The most renowned fruit spirits from the Fassbind distillery are still produced after the secret recipe which has been passed on through the generations of Master Distillers. The fruit is chosen after our strictest quality criteria using only A traded Swiss quality fruit. The young spirit is stored for at least one year and gets blended by our Master Distiller before bottling.

Les Vieilles Barriques

Distilled from fully ripe Swiss fruit, aged in oak (barrique), and produced according to a traditional Fassbind house recipe with a dried fruit liqueur dosage; the “Vieille’s’ are characterized by their harmonious and exquisite taste.

Fruit is harvested July – September. Each piece of fruit is manually inspected to ensure there are no defects which would alter the distillate’s flavor.

Fassbind uses a hybrid of a pot still and a column still. A catalytic converter is integrated in the column still, which is very important for the distillation and concentration of fruits. The two pots for the mash have a capacity of 350L each.