Who We Are

Preiss Imports is a third-generation company specializing in the importing and marketing of international spirits, wines, and culinary specialties, and is dedicated to developing a portfolio that embodies the fusion of spirits, wine, and culinary arts.
As a boutique firm, we are structured to manage niche brands where product intimacy and knowledge matter most. We aspire to establish a company that is truly epicurean by fostering a fresh perspective and appreciation for the finer artisanal side of life.
Henry Preiss
Henry Preiss is a true pioneer in developing premium spirits and strategically distributing and promoting these brands across the US. He embarked on his journey into the importing business by joining his father’s firm in 1974, and by the late 80s his company, Preiss Imports, was iconic in the industry. The decision to concentrate on premium liquor specialties in the 90s uniquely placed him at the forefront of what was to become a mixology revolution.
Nikki Preiss
Henry’s daughter and Preiss Imports Co-Founder, Nikki Preiss, brings business acumen from her years in the specialty imports business along with a passion for the culinary arts. Holding both a business and a culinary degree, Nikki is proud to advance the Preiss pedigree of innovation and dedication in bringing exclusive specialty selections to the United States.

What Makes Us Unique

We are recognized for our stellar history with international suppliers who have stories — stories rich in tradition — who are passionate about what makes their products and key ingredients special. Preiss Imports offers:
  • We specialize in brand management and distribution of imports across the 50 states
  • Education and training on suppliers’ portfolios in various markets
  • Strong, personalized support to suppliers in the development and strategic launch of their exports
  • Ability for Preiss Imports to capitalize on strong on-trade presence

We create brands whether building from scratch or revitalizing markets.

The Preiss Imports History

Leaving Germany, Erich and Ruth Preiss sailed to America from Amsterdam, Holland and launched the Erich Preiss Company in Los Angeles. An industry pioneer, he worked very hard to promote a market niche that was virtually nonexistent at the time.
Henry Preiss embarked on his journey into the importing business by joining his father’s firm, The Erich Preiss Company.
Henry set out on his own, founding Preiss Int’l, which took an aggressive approach to marketing premium wine and liquor. Within a 5 year period the company reached upward of three million dollars in sales.
Founded in 1987, Preiss Imports was a forerunner to the cocktail revolution, and grew by leaps and bounds in the ensuing decades, representing 33 suppliers from Europe and Australasia and represented 9 million dollars in sales of specialty spirits by 2008.
Henry Preiss sold Preiss Imports to the Griffin Group, the company responsible for developing the SKYY Vodka brand. In 2010, the group purchased Anchor Brewery and changed Preiss Imports to Anchor Distilling Company.
The new journey of HPS Epicurean began with Henry and daughter, Nicole.