Raspberry Eau-de-Vie

bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Strong and crisp aroma of fresh, ripe raspberries with hints of honey
  • Soft, dry and fresh on the palate with a light sweetness
  • Long, fruity and opulent finish
Serving Recommendations
  • As a digestive, chilled or at room temperature 68° F
  • GOLD World Spirits, Klagenfurt 2014
  • GOLD DistiSuisse 2013/2014
  • DISTILLERY OF THE YEAR DistiSuisse 2017/2018

Production Process

Yields 350kg Mash*
[ [ 
Stones, Pulp, Pips + Yeast ] x 6 to 8 Weeks ]

From Previous Distillation**
Heads + Tails

Countercurrent Distillation Heated by Steam
Double Distillation

Stainless Steel Tanks
Rest x 2 Years

Masterfully Refined Raspberry Eau-de-Vie

* Mash is brought to 172° F through double distillation
** Previous distillation last cut of the head + tails into the mash for aromas and natural sweetness