Started in 2009, Alexandre Koiransky set to create one of the first Fair Trade Certified Spirits Companies. Fair. has, for over a decade, provided a boost in local economies using 10% of their own profits. Expanding from originally producing mostly vodka, Fair. has expanded its reach into the worlds of gin, coffee and kumquat liqueurs and rum. All ingredients (quinoa, kumquats, juniper, sugar cane, coffee) are sourced from farming co-ops around the world that promote the wellbeing of their workers, women and their children.

Fair. is a company started in Cognac, France where most of the ingredients are distilled and fermented. In certain cases, Fair. has paid handsomely for the help of local distillers (Travellers Rum in Belize) to ensure that practices surrounding the distillation of the highest quality. When bottled, all expressions are bottled in Cognac, France.

Good will and hard work have been paying off lately for Fair. as their most of their products have won more than a handful of awards since 2009.

Fair Trade

Fair., since 2009, has been committed to giving back to the community that has been integral to producing their products. No matter the amount of profit, Fair. ensured that 10% of the money made would be given to the farming cooperatives who harvest and process ingredients for their liqueurs and spirits.

Core Values

About the Products

Kumquat Liqueur

  • 22% ABV
    • Cocktail Use

Cafe Liqueur

  • 22% ABV
    • Coktail Use

Quinoa Vodka

  • 40% ABV
    • Cocktail use

Rum XO

  • 40% ABV
    • Neat, Cocktail Use

Juniper Gin

  • 40% ABV
    • Cocktail use