By the Dutch

Spirits with a dutch heritage

By the Dutch began in 2015 to tell a story to the world. A story of tradition and craftsmanship.

Knowledge around products of Dutch distilleries has been transferred from father to children. Love for the product, timing, sense of ingredients and flavor, and an excellent nose are qualities that have been passed through generations for centuries.

For this reason, the Netherlands historically plays a leading role in the world of fine spirits. The Dutch were the first to master the art of distillation from agriculture products. They were also the first liqueur products in the world to spread their technology internationally.

“We have the ambition to tell the world the story of mastery and craftsmanship behind the spirits of the Dutch heritage.”


The VOC, or the Dutch United East Indian Company, operated between 1602 and 1796, sailing a total of 4,785 ships to Asia.

Their immense reach allowed grains, spices and botanicals from remote corners of the world to find their way into The Netherlands.


Batavia Arrack During the17th century (golden age), VOC traders started importing Batavia Arrack, a sugarcane distillate from the isle of Java.

Genever Thanks to VOC imports, Dutch distillers could develop an acute sensibility for ingredients and became masters in balancing them. They refined their Genever recipe up to an unprecedented quality level.