By the Dutch Batavia Arrack Limited

cask strength
bottle size
  • PACK SIZE: 12/750ml
  • LIMITED PRODUCTION: only +- 250 bottles
  • SUGAR: 2.55 g/l (Extracted from the ex-sherry casks)
  • ORIGIN: Indonesia – Java Island
  • BLENDED AND AGED: The Netherlands
  • FINISHED: In PX Sherry Casks
  • AGE: Up to 8 Years in ex-red wine casks + 11 months in ex-sherry casks (40L)
  • NUMBER OF CASKS: 5, 40L casks available for the US (approximately 50 – 55 bottles)

Full cask purchase available with customized label or neck hanger

Production Process

Island of Java

Open Fermentation in Teakwood Vats
Javanese Sugarcane Molasses + Wild Yeast ]
Grows on Local Beras Merah Red Rice

High Mineral Content
Javanese Forest Water ]

Chinese Pot Stills
[ Double Distillation x

Old Teakwood
8–12 Months ]

Unaged Batavia Arrack Shipped to Amsterdam


[ Teakwood Rested Batavia Arrack + Oak Casks ]
Ex-Red Wine Casks From Slovenia

Up to 8 Years

Aged Batavia Arrack Shipped to Denmark at Cask Strength +- 62–63% ABV

Aged Batavia Arrack + 40L Ex-PX Sherry Casks x 11 Months

Cask Strength, Sherry Finished, Aged Batavia Arracck