By the Dutch Batavia Arrack White Rum

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Tasting Notes (Provided by Matthias Soberon)
  • Nose of salty air through maritime grass and sugarcane fields
  • Wisps of overripe banana with a touch of clove, vanilla
  • Midpalate of ripe, exotic fruit esters
  • A touch of allspice and herbs wrapped in soft caramel
  • A finish of slight leathery, even woody impression
Serving Recommendations
  • Spice up a daiquiri
  • Perfect in a jungle bird variation
  • Historically in 18th century punch recipes

The Rum of Indonesia

Production Process

Island of Java

Open Fermentation in Teakwood Vats
Javanese Sugarcane Molasses + Wild Yeast ]
Grows on Local Beras Merah Red Rice

High Mineral Content
Javanese Forest Water ]

Chinese Pot Stills
[ Double Distillation x

Old Teakwood
8–12 Months ]

Unaged Batavia Arrack Shipped to Amsterdam


Teakwood Matured Batavia Arrack


Blended to 48% alc/vol

Authentically Funky, White Batavia Arrack