By the Dutch Advocaat

bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Rich and creamy with a texture and flavor reminiscent of custard or a light eggnog
Serving Recommendations
  • Advocaat is versatile for a wide range of cocktails and desserts

Holland’s Best Kept Secret

Production Process

[ Eggs + 14% Brandy ]

[ Brandy + Sugar + Vanilla ]

Rested Until it Reaches Intended Viscosity

Custard in a Glass

The production of the original dutch advocaat is a delicate craft that only a few specialists have truly mastered.

Each batch goes through a quality control process prior to bottling.

There are many tales of how “advocaat” came to be. One belief dates back to Dutch colonial times when they were treated to a Brazilian drink with avocado (“advocaat”) pulp, cane sugar, and rum. The Dutch substituted egg yolk for the exotic fruit. There is also reference to a similar drink in 17th century Dutch texts about sailors in the Caribbean Islands.

Others place advocaat’s origins as the Dutch word for “lawyer.” An advocatenborrel is Dutch for “lawyer’s drink” where “borrel” is Dutch for a small alcoholic beverage consumed slowly during a social gathering. Named as a good lubricant for the throat, this drink is considered especially useful for a lawyer who must speak in public.