By the Dutch Old Genever

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Tasting Notes
  • Complex nose of spice, light malty aromas with a hint of juniper
  • Anise and citrus peel spritz
  • Orange flowers dusted with cinnamon
  • Nuanced malt with cloves, bitter orange and a touch of cumin
  • Satisfying finish full of flavor with lingering cooked malt
Serving Recommendations
  • Neat
  • On the rocks
  • John Collins – the Original Collins Cocktail
  • Paired with a beer, ginger ale, or cola
  • SILVER, 87 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED International Review of Spirits 2018
  • SILVER Gin Masters, The Spirits Business 2017
  • SILVER WSWA 2017
  • BRONZE Berlin Int’l Spirits Competition 2017
  • BRONZE IWSC 2017
  • GOLD Los Angeles Int’l Spirits Competition 2016
  • GOLD Gin Masters, The Spirits Business 2016
  • SILVER New York Int’l Spirits Competition 2016

Production Process

Fermented Wash from Malted Barley + Corn + Rye

1st Distillation

2nd Distillation

3rd Distillation + Juniper Berries

Malt Wine Base

Portion of Malt Wine + Botanicals

Portion of Malt Wine

Portion of Malt Wine + Juniper Berries


Traditional Dutch, Old Genever

By the Dutch Old Genever is distilled (in a “branderij” or distillery) in Schiedam, Netherlands per the early methodology of Genever distillation, using malted barley, rye, and corn.
1942 RECIPE: 17% MALT WINE + 2.3 G/L SUGAR

Old vs. Young

Old versus young is purely a difference in distillation methodology.
Old Genever
  • Original style of Genever production
  • Distilled with malted barley, rye, corn
  • Must contain ‘at least’ 15% malt wine, but no more than 20g/L of sugar
    – Often matured in oak, not required
    – Usually contains 51% to 70% malt wine
    – Up to 20 g/L of sugar
  • By law must be a pale, caramel color
Birth of Young Genever
  • WWII led to lack of imported cereals, malt, and forced a promotion of a new blend
  • Trend of lighter and less dominant taste, low price
  • Result: development of more grain verse malt & plain sugar-based alcohol
  • Must contain no more than 15% malt wine and 10g sugar/L