Senior & Co.

The Original Curaçao Liqueur

Brand Overview

It was common in the 19th century for pharmacists to create botanical tinctures and tonics to aid digestion or cure other maladies. Likewise, Curaçao business partners Haim Mendes Chumaceiro and Edgar Senior, operated a drugstore called Botika Excelsior where they sold Senior’s Curaçao Tonic based on a family recipe. In 1896, Senior and Chumaceiro formed Senior & Co. and changed the name of their tonic to Senior’s Curaçao Liqueur, to highlight its sweet profile.

When Chumaceiro died, the recipe for the liqueur went to his widow and she continued to make modest quantities of the curaçao at her home. In 1945, Senior & Co. purchased the curaçao recipe from Chumaceiro’s widow, producing it on a commercial scale. Today, the descendants of Edgar Senior and Mendes Chumaceiro are still partial owners of Senior & Co. and their distillery, in the historic Landhuis Chobolobo mansion, welcomes around 140,000 visitors a year.

Senior & Co. is the only “Genuine” Curaçao Liqueurs in the world made with the Laraha orange on the island of Curaçao.

Senior & Co. offers premium, authentic liqueurs crafted with the finest ingredients, according to the original Senior recipe, distilled in a copper still from 1896. A Genuine Curaçao is made with the dried, bitter peels of the Laraha, known as the Golden Orange of Curaçao. That can only grow on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao, known for its colorful sights, joyful character, and tropical blue sea. Senior & Co. is proud to produce the Genuine Curaçao from Curaçao.