Senior & Co. Tamarind Liqueur

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Tasting Notes
  • Tanginess that awakens the palate
  • Subtle underlying sweetness like honey
  • Essence of tamarind fruitiness
  • Gentle bitterness for complexity
  • Mild earthy undertones present
  • Hints of citrus notes. This combination creates a distinct and versatile flavor perfect for cocktails and culinary explorations
Serving Recommendations
  • Perfect to use as a base in cocktails

Senior & Co. liqueurs are:

Production Process

Hand Harvested Tamarind Fruit*

Natural Drying of Tamarind fruit**

[ Proprietary herbs and spices x Dried Laraha fruit
x 96% Sugarcane Alcohol ]

10 Day Distillation***

Bottled by Hand

Senior Tamarind

* Harvested before ripe for maximum fragrance
** 5-7 Days outside in Curacao
***Copper Pot still Only