Senior’s Genuine Clear Curaçao Triple Sec

bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Viscous mouthfeel, with almost no alcohol
  • At the front end you get luscious orange blossom
  • Zesty, oily orange mid palate
  • Spice notes of clove and pepper perfectly balance the fruit
  • Long finish
Serving Recommendations
  • On ice
  • Use in any recipe calling for Orange Liqueur, Curaçao, or Triple Sec

Senior & Co. liqueurs are:

Production Process

Hand Picked
Laraha Orange Harvested

Peels cut off fruit

Sundried x 5 Days

In a gunny bag and hung in the still
[ (peels + spices)
+ Neutral Cane Alcohol
Copper pot still
+ hot maceration ]

3 Days

1 Day


Copper pot still
Distillation x 3 Days

Sugar + Water

Filtered x 3 Days

Senior’s Genuine Clear Curaçao Triple Sec*

* The whole process is done by hand and takes around 17 days.

Bread and Wine


1 ¼ oz Polugar No 4 Honey & Allspice
½ oz    Drapo Vermouth Rosso
¼ oz    Senior’s Genuine Clear Curacao Triple Sec
1 ¼ oz Red Wine
1 oz     Lemon juice
½ oz    Simple syrup
1 dash Chocolate bitter


Add ingredients to shaker with ice, shake
Strain into wine glass

Created By Leonard Leuchi
Jerry Thomas Speakeasy – Rome, Italy

White Stella


1 ½ oz Hven Stella Nova Barrel Rested Gin
¾ oz    Senior’s Genuine Clear Curaçoa Triple Sec
¾ oz    Lemon juice
½ oz    Simple syrup
Egg white
Garnish with orange zest


Add egg white to shaker, dry shake
Add ice with remaining ingredients, shake
Strain into chilled coup
Garnish with orange zest

Donegal Cocktail


2 oz     The Legendary Dark Silkie Irish Whiskey
¾ oz    TUVE Amaro Black Note
¼ oz    Senior Genuine Clear Curacao Triple Sec
1d        By the Dutch Orange Bitters


Add ingredients to mixing glass with ice, stir
Strain into chilled coup

Created By Regan Doughty