Uncork The Flavor Of The Saar

One of the most fascinating wine regions in Germany is situated in the tri-border region between Germany, Luxembourg and France where the Saar meets the Mosel. In the region of the Saar where the most valued Riesling-Producers of the whole country are located in between gently curved hills, the story of the Riesling-Infused Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin, Quince Vodka, and Dry Vermouth.


Nestled between steep valley sides, the Saar region enjoys a unique micro-climate. Summers end late, with long, warm days ripening the fruits, and cold nights retaining the signature acidity. The gentle breezes caress the vines and fruit trees and nature brings forth its rewards each year with a bountiful harvest.


The Saar winds its way leisurely through mineral-rich shale soil, where generations old vines cling to the valley sides. The topography, geology and climatic conditions bless this ancient region with a treasure trove of flora and fauna. Many of these local flowers, fruits and herbs form part of the botanical cornucopia used in Ferdinand’s spirits.


The Vallendar family have been distilling fine spirits for several generations in the sleepy village of Wincheringen. Here, artisanship and alchemy combine, with the results being deeply rooted in the proud traditions of the region. The true essence of the Saar – an elegant combination of old world crafts and fresh inspirations – distilled to perfection.


Known as the “Queen of white grapes,” the delicate, distinctive and highly aromatic Riesling wines produced over three centuries by the world-renowned Forstmeister- Geltz Zilliken VDP-Estate, are at the heart of Ferdinand’s spirits. These wines form part of the legacy of the Saar- Moselle region, historically one of the most important wine growing areas in Europe.


The Saar has always been an important confluence of regional traditions and ideas. Ferdinand’s spirits – named after one of the figureheads and guardians of these local traditions; Royal Prussian Forester, Ferdinand Geltz (1851- 1925) – are steeped in the character and heritage of the region, and faithfully uphold their duty to protect this unique ecosystem.



Over 30 botanicals to include angelica, coriander, ginger, lavender, rose, and lemon thyme.

The semi-sweet Rieslings from the Saar are world famous for their maximum degree of extract density which adds a fundamental refinement to Saar Dry Gin, giving it its unique character on the nose and palate.