Casa D’Aristi

Guarding the Natural Wealth of the Yucatán

Casa D’Aristi is a small producer located in the Yucatán peninsula in the beautiful town of Mérida, Mexico.

Don Carlos Aristi, the founder, had a heart for adventure. He set off at the age of 19 to travel the Yucatán peninsula in search of Mayan culture and history. He discovered “Blaché”, an ancestral drink of the Maya.

In 1935, Don Carlos returned home to create his own version of the unique anise and honey laced brilliant liqueur, D’Aristi Xtabentún.

Several generations later, D’Aristi Xtabentún remains a cornerstone of the distillery. Casa D’Aristi now features Kalani, 100% coconut liqueur, Huana Gunabana liqueur, and Ron Caribe Mexican sugarcane-molasses rum.

The Aristi family is committed to producing high quality selections reflecting authentic flavors of the Yucatán. They take pride in sustainable production practices, maintaining close relationships with the farming communities with a focus on keeping their products free of additives and flavorings.