Centuca 72

bottle size
  • Velvet mouthfeel with slight oily consistency
  • Intense yet delicate flavors with low and strong gradations
  • Herbal characteristics compliment and balance anise
  • Finishes dry and fresh
  • Neat as a digestivo
  • With a coffee bean in a small glass

Handed down from father to son, the age-old recipe calls for an infusion of high mountain herbs. In the 1800’s, Torella was referred to as “potable Centerba” to distinguish from Centerba 72.

Torella 72 maintains the same characteristic of Centerba 72 with a lower alcohol strength and slight sweetness created from the addition of the fine acacia honey. For those who want to enjoy the flavors of Abruzzo at a lower alcohol strength with slight sweetness, Torella is the perfect choice.

Production Process

Steam Distillation [ Star Anise + Green Anise + Fennel ]

Neutral Alcohol + Elderflower + Herbs