4 Copas

The Original Organic Tequila

The vision, passion and determination of Hector Galindo Miranda – known in the industry simply as “Hector” – resulted in the founding of 4 Copas Organic Tequilas, certified organic in 1997. Hector sought out the best scientists, master distiller and academics to produce a Tequila with the best aroma and taste. This synergy gave him the ability to combine the best of science and nature to create a world class Tequila. Created by renowned Master Distiller, Sebastian Melendrez of Tequila, Jalisco, 4 Copas uses 100% organic agave as the foundation for a pure and clean spirit true to the traditions of small batch Tequila.

Through the evolution of 4 Copas and its next generation of ownership it has been certified as organic by the USDA and EU and blessed as Kosher by Rabbinical Law.

4 Copas Añejo is aged in American White Oak for 17 months, carefully charred and refined in taste. The Añejo, a crowning achievement, was the special creation of Sebastian Melendrez and his all-star team whose work spanned seven years. It is best to approach this special Tequila as a scotch or cognac drinker would, raising your level of expectation to meet the agave flavored purity. Expect to be in love with the experience upon the very first sip.

The Organic Difference

The seeds come from agave fields specially selected. The organic agave is cultivated in the agave zone of the region of Tequila (Amatitán). Only organic fertilizers are used, requiring manual cleaning during the entire planting stage and until harvest. The agave is then cultivated, and the shoots are hand selected for planting and development.

The organic certification process is complex and time-consuming because the process is different from common Tequila. The fermentation is natural with its own unique proprietary recipe, resulting in the special aromas and taste profiles of 4 Copas that is hard to forget.