Organic-Kosher Tequila Blanco

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  • CATEGORY Tequila Blanco
  • VARIETY Organic Blue Weber Agave
  • PLANT AGE 5.5 – 7 years
  • COOKING Brick Hornos
  • GRINDING Roller Mill
  • FERMENTATION 100% agave, open air fermentation
  • DISTILLATION Double distillation in copper pot stills
  • STATE Jalisco
  • TOWN Amatitán
  • MAESTRO Sabastian Melendres
Tasting Notes
  • Sweet and silky with a full body mouthfeel
  • Cooked agave, vanilla and white chocolate
  • Sweet finish
Serving Recommendations
  • Chilled

Production Process

Hand Harvest of Organic Agave Piña + Roasted in Brick Hornos

Roller Mill

Open Air Fermentation

Copper Pot Distillation

4 Copas Organic-Kosher Tequila Blanco

4 Copas Blanco is a top pick, back-pocket tequila that I reach for when educating guests on what tequila should actually taste like. The cooked organic agave notes are very present but soft, while balanced with notes of almond and tamarind. It’s a superior product that’s very affordable and flexes how good tequila doesn’t always need to be expensive.” 

—Beau du Bois, Bar & Spirits Creative Director, Puesto, San Diego