Santo Pēcado

In Northwestern Mexico, the land is comprised of red clay and local lore tropical forests lost to time. Through the bright red and orange desert landscape, mirages of thirst quenching water transform into pockets of Pacifica Agave. The juice from these plants is sweet enough to lure you into making a deal with the devil, a santo pēcado, translating to holy sin.

Santo Pēcado Joven is made purely from Pacifica Agave found in the Sonoran desert in Northwestern Mexico. Sonora’s desert climate is known to have two wet seasons that give a lifeline to various streams that wind throughout the hills. Crowns of agave flourish. Tremendous influx of water, mixed with clay, create a perfect environment for Pacifica to produce rich, earthy flavors that make Bacanora famous.


The immense amount of rain and clay content in Sonoran desert soil creates a distinctive, rich quality to Sonoran agave.