Santo Cuviso Bacanora

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  • Transparent, luminous, clean and bright with medium viscosity
  • Earthy bouquet, passionate, clean and powerful with subtle tones of mesquite and oak
  • Dry, complex, slightly smoky, naturally sweet with a kick of pepper and a grounded earthy finish

Santo Cuviso translates as “holy bacanora.” That’s how the Jesuit missionaries referred to it back in the summer of 1756 when the Opata Indians offered it up as a healing remedy. It didn’t take long for the Jesuits to praise the benefits of a daily dose. Legend has it that they broke their bread with it religiously, certain that each and every agave plant is a gift from God.

Santo Cuviso is 100% organic, 100% wild and 100% sinfully good = Elixir of Life

Crafted to remind you that sometimes the best way to refresh your soul is to allow your lips to kiss a little spirit every day.

  • CATEGORY Bacanora Blanco 100% Agave
  • VARIETY Agave Angustifolia
  • COOKING Conical stone oven using encino and mesquite wood
  • GRINDING heartbreaking mill
  • FERMENTATION 6 to 12 days
  • DISTILLATION Double distillation in copper still
  • STATE Sierra de Sonora
  • REGION Sonora
  • TOWN Bacanora
  • MAESTRO BACANORERO Manuel “El Toro” Chacón (3rd Generation Bacanorero)



2 oz Bacanora Blanco
1 oz Sweet vermouth
8 drops Orange bitters
1 barspoon Orange blossom syrup
Maraschino cherry


Stir with ice and strain into a coupe glass
Garnish with a maraschino cherry