Polugar No. 1 Rye & Wheat

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Tasting Notes
  • Aroma of home-baked bread, herbal, floral, and woodsy
  • Delicate palate with a slight sweet, warm taste of rye, baked fruit, and pine sap
  • Silky, acidic yet fruity and waxy
  • Long finish of alluring minerality and subtle fruit pulp
Serving Recommendations
  • Slightly chilled, Neat
  • A great base for classic cocktails or a Cosmopolitan
  • ★★★★ 4 STARS, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Paul Pacult
  • SILVER WSWA 2016

Infused Range Series

Production Process

Grist Mill + Rye + Wheat + Water

Copper Pot Still* x 2

3rd Distillation

Egg White Fining

Charcoaled White Birchwood Filtration

Historical Russian Vodka, Infused Series

* Historically reproduced from 18th Century, Russian drawings.
** Popular method of the Russian aristocracy in the 1700’s.

Tomasz Collins


1½ oz Polugar No 1 Rye Wheat
¾ oz Meyer lemon juice
½ oz Simple syrup
1 pinch Salt
3 oz Hefeweizen


Combine the Polugar, lemon juice, simple
syrup, salt, and ice in a collins glass; stir
Top with the beer
Garnish with a Meyer lemon wheel

Moscow Mule


1 oz Polugar No 1 Rye Wheat
2½ oz Premium soda water
½ oz Ginger Beer syrup
1 Lime wedge


Combine liquid ingredients in ice-filled glass or copper mug
Squeeze in lime wedge and stir



1 part Polugar No 1 Rye Wheat
1 part Tuvè Bitter
1 part Drapò Rosso Vermouth


Stir with ice and strain into ice-filled Old
Fashioned glass
Garnish with orange twist