Origin Spirits

Going Against the Grain

The Heart

Origin Spirits began in 2013 to create unique, premium, and world class spirits. Each of their Avant-Garde spirits are farm to bottle with innovation and authenticity at the core. They use the best of Irelands ingredients to celebrate the Irish heritage of distilling, transporting one on a sensory voyage to the heart of the Irish terroir.

All their products are crafted at West Cork Distillers Ltd in the beautiful seaside town of Skibbereen in West Cork, Ireland. West Cork Distillers Ltd are one of the largest Irish owned distilleries in Ireland.

The Terroir

The fertile soils and mild, oceanic climate of Southern Ireland make it an ideal place to grow barley. Their barley is non-GMO and sourced from local farmers who utilize eco-friendly growing methods. This produces a premium crop, once malted, creates a unique taste profile and character indigenous to the Irish terroir.

The Whiskey

Origin Spirits’ Currach 100% Irish Single Malt Whiskey line is a true innovation. It is the first whiskey in the world to be finished in seaweed charred casks. Using the finest of Irish malted barley, their contemporary single malt whiskey is triple distilled before being aged in first fill ex-bourbon casks and finished in unique seaweed charred virgin oak casks. Creating a rich multi-layered whiskey with a delicate umami character.

The Boat

Currach whiskey celebrates one of the oldest and most venerable boats in the world. The Currach is a traditional Irish boat made from wicker, animal skins and tar. Currach was a vessel of knowledge that enabled the early Irish monks to explore distant lands and bring back religious artifacts and foreign technology, such as the alembic. These boats were used for the first exports of Irish whiskey to Scotland and are still used today to harvest seaweed.

Handcrafted like their whiskey, these boats played a pivotal role in Irish life and commerce.

The Sea

The seaweed that makes Currach Whiskey so special is hand harvested off the wild Atlantic coast. The seaweed is 100% naturally grown and organically certified. Harvested by the fourth generation of the Talty Family, who ensure only the finest seaweeds are selected for Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Once the seaweed has been dried the charring process begins.

The Difference

To create the distinct umami flavor found in Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey they char the inside of virgin American oak casks with the dried seaweed. They char the casks six times to get a uniform umami fragrance. Their whiskey is then finished in these charred seaweed casks for 3 months.