Notaris Bartender’s Choice

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Tasting Notes
  • Very fruity, apple- and pear-like, almost green and ethereal style, menthol
  • Grainy and malty, rye, dried pears, slightly yeast
  • Somewhat green and woody
  • Citrus, orange, apple peel, flour-like and grainy, moist grain
  • A touch of botanicals in the background, raisins, delicate malty alcohol sweetness
  • Good harmony and length
Serving Recommendations
  • Good in cocktails or mix with smokey tonic
  • SILVER, 88 POINTS WOB-Punkte 2018

In cooperation with some of the best bartenders in the world, Herman Jansen created this smooth maltspirit with a nice, raw edge.

Notaris Bartenders Choice is made for purists by purist from purists; a Genever made by bartenders.

Production Process

Malt Spirit

Malt Spirit + Spice

Malt Spirit + Juniper

High PF Malt Spirit

100% Malt Spirit Genever

Notaris Malt Spirit Genever

Malt Spirit + Juniper

Cornwyn 51% ABV

HP Malt Spirit

Notaris Bartender’s Choice