Notaris 3 Year

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Tasting Notes
  • Grainy texture, wheat, smoky and roasty
  • Clear malty and yeasty aromas, slight citrus freshness, oranges, very subtle juniper berries, cumin, delicate roast aromas, Carmel, licorice, flour like and dusty
  • Clear malt character, delicate juniper spiciness, somewhat green hazelnuts, delicate meadow herbs, vanilla, good harmony
  • Full bodied, nice finish
Serving Recommendations
  • Good in cocktails and neat at room temperature
  • GOLD, 92 POINTS WOB-Punkte 2018

Notaris 3 yrs is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years. During these three years, Notaris has been allowed to mature calmly, lending to its unparalleled flavor and unique aroma.

Production Process

Malt Spirit

Malt Spirit + Spice

Malt Spirit + Juniper

High PF Malt Spirit

100% Malt Spirit Genever

Notaris Malt Spirit Genever

Malt Spirit + Juniper + Notaris Botanicals

Cornwyn + HP Malt Spirit

Aged 3 Years in 9-Year-Old Oak Barrels

Notaris 3 Year