Elixir D’Anvers

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Tasting Notes
  • Full, rich aromatics of herbs and spices
  • Slight hints of cinnamon and coriander
  • Unique sweet herbaceous tones mixed with savory spice
  • A complex and balanced flavor that is both bitter and sweet
Serving Recommendations
  • Perfect additive for Appletini or Antwerp mule; works well with warm spices
  • Replacement for Campari or Chartreuse
  • Versatile with tart flavors such as cranberry and pomegranate
More than 160 years of tradition!

Production Process

*[ Neutral Grain Alcohol + Secret Blend of Herbs and Spices ]**

1x Slow Distilled in Alembic

[ Water + Sugar + Saffron Infusion*** ]

5-6 Month French Oak Barrels

Elixir D’Anvers

* Maceration in Alembic
** Contains walnuts
** Proprietary Recipe for Infusion