F.X. de Beukelaer

In 1863, François-Xavier de Beukelaer founded his liqueur distillery at Paardenmarkt in Antwerp. The demand for this new liqueur was increasing exponentially causing the need to relocate several times over the years to larger facilities, eventually building a distillery in Van Trierstraat to meet the demand they had incurred both domestically and internationally. François, a student of medicine and pharmacy, completed his final recipe for Elixir d’Anvers at precisely 2am of March 19th, 1863. Through his creation of this delicious herb-flavored liqueur, it managed to stand out from others due to its remarkable digestive and beneficial characteristics. It is this distinct liqueur that led to an extensive succession through the Beukelaer family. After many years of collaboration with Emile de Beukelaer, Ivan Nolet de Brauwere, a member of an old distiller’s family, is now leading FX de Beukelaer. He brought much-needed modernisation to the company, whilst maintaining respect for the tradition. After over one and a half centuries, he continues the work that François-Xavier de Beukelaer had started.

Leoncio Gaspar has taken the reigns in producing a rum that is: free from pesticides, making use of locally grown sugar cane in Sierra Mixe, and fermented openly taking on natural yeasts in the hills of Oaxaca. Created by hand, Camazotz flavor is an exceptional window to view/taste Mexican heritage from anywhere you are lucky enough to find a bottle. Savory, earthy and grassy, balanced with a slight sweetness, the complexity of life is contained in a bottle like an elixir on the shelf in an apothecary.

Serve neat for an experience into the terroir of Mexico. Use as a base to discover a rollercoaster of flavors alongside citrus juices and Falernums. Camazotz is versatile and can replace most aged and/or agave spirits in classic recipes.