Vergnano Mirtillo Liqueur USDA Organic

bottle size
  • Bouquet of blossoms and incandescent blueberry
  • Tart entry true to the fruit, rounding in a fresh, sweet blueberry umami
  • Finish of opulent berry laced with a slight herbaceous note
  • Chilled, neat
  • With sparkling lemonade
  • In a daiquiri
  • Over ice cream
    WSWA 2018

Organic Liqueurs

The company received the certification for producing organic products from the national organization “Valoritalia” in 2015.

Traceability of ingredients is a guarantee of absolute transparency and purity; the whole chain is bio-certified and subjected to accurate controls.

This is an all-natural product, therefore, color may slightly vary and is sensitive to light. No artificial coloring or flavoring.

Production Process

Time and Varietal is Dependent on Fruit Sugar Levelts to Maintain Consistency [ Wheat Alcohol + Blueberries ]

Blueberry Juice


Vivacious Blueberry

Mirtillo Paradise


1 cube Demerara Sugar cube smashed
6-8 leaves Mint
1 ½ oz Ron C Silver
¾ oz Fresh Lime Juice
¾ oz Mirtillo


Shaken and strained topped with Soda Water.
Smash demerara sugar cube and muddle mint
Shake with remaining ingredients
Top with soda water