Torella 72

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Handed down from father to son, the age-old recipe calls for an infusion of high mountain herbs. In the 1800’s, Torella was referred to as “potable Centerba” to distinguish from Centerba 72.

Torella 72 maintains the same characteristic of Centerba 72 with a lower alcohol strength and slight sweetness created from the addition of the fine acacia honey. For those who want to enjoy the flavors of Abruzzo at a lower alcohol strength with slight sweetness, Torella is the perfect choice.

Tasting Notes
  • Sweet entry of soft, mountainous herbs
  • Vibrant pine note with slight vanilla
  • Subtle honeyed oregano and wild mint
  • Smooth finish dusted with cinnamon
Serving Recommendations
  • Savor smooth at room temperature or cold on the rocks
  • Perfect in cocktails, espresso, and coffees
  • Pairs nicely as an aperitivo with cheese
  • Herbal addition to your favorite food recipe
  • Gold Medal- 95/100 Points com 2018

Production Process

Sugar beet alcohol

Proprietary individual herbal infusion combinations
100 Herbs*


Centerba 72 Herbal Digestivo

Acacia Honey**

Torella 72

*The aromatic herbs are handpicked from the local mountains
**Acacia Honey does to derive from the Acacia tree. The honey comes from black locust tree flower or false acacia tree flower. The honey is pale with a mild taste due to its low pollen content.

Closing Argument


¾ oz El de Bateo Mezcal
¾ oz Torella 72
¾ oz Vergnano Maraschino Liqueur
¾ oz Lime juice
Garnish with lime peel


Add ingredients to shaker with ice, shake
Strain into cocktail glass
Garnish with lime peel

Ice Esprit


3/4 oz            Torella 72
1 1/2 oz         Spirit of Hven Organic Pot Distilled Vodka
1/4 oz            Lemon
1/4 oz            Simple syrup


Add ingredients to mixing glass with ice, stir
Strain into stemmed cocktail glass