Genziana 72

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Tasting Notes
  • Bitter-sweet
  • Honey like sweetness
  • Tangerine character
  • Lemon pith
  • long lasting gentian root bitterness with slight sweet orange
Serving Recommendations
  • Neat
  • On the rocks
  • As an aperitvo or digestivo
  • Ginger based cocktails
  • Citrus based cocktails
  • Use in place of Campari for a white negroni

In Abruzzo, the shepherds, after taking their herds to the high pastures, would collect gentian roots to make Genziana Liqueur, which they would drink to warm themselves during the winter months.

Production Process

Tinctures made by cold infusion for a proprietary duration
[ Apennine Mountain Gentian Root Tincture + Italian Alps Rhubarb Tincture + High Proof Neutral Grain Alcohol ]

Graduated to 25% ABV



White Mezcal Negroni


1 ½ oz   Buen Bicho Mezcal
¾ oz       Genziana 72
¾ oz       Drapò Bianco Vermouth
Garnish Lemon Peel


Add all ingredients to mixing glass with ice, stir
Strain into a chilled glass with ice
Garnish with lemon peel

The Herbal Ginger


1 ¼ oz    Genziana 72
½ oz       Centerba 72
½ oz       Lime Juice
5              Sage Leaves
2 bar spoons Brown Sugar
Ginger Ale


Add spirits, lime juice, brown sugar and 4 sage leaves to shaker with ice, shake vigorously
Strain into tall glass with ice, top with ginger ale
Stir gently
Garnish with sage leaf and candied ginger