Centerba 72 Herbal Digestivo

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A 200 year-old secret formula that recalls the beauty of the green
Abruzzese mountains.

Centerba 72, produced by the father and son duo in 1972, has a variation of 2 elements compared to the originating Centerba Toro recipe. It is said to be superior to the original Toro formula.

Centerba is nearly 140-proof, making it a most provocative winter warmer for both head and belly.

  • Herbal aromas of oregano, thyme, and pinesap
  • Initial light mouthfeel, then a slightly hot and prickly assertion of spearmint
  • Peppermint and licorice combine with a tingling spice for a momentary flash
  • Pine needle fades into a long, dry and spicy finish
  • Traditional serve as a digestif
  • Excellent in cooking pasta or fish
  • Elevate Risotto by adding 1/3c Centerba to the final cup of stock
  • Pairs well with coffee and bitter chocolate
  • 90 POINTS Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016
  • SILVER WSWA 2016

Production Process

Steeped in Proprietary Order, herb combinations
[ Sugar Beet Alcohol + 100 Herbs* ]

Powerful, Herbal Digestivo

* The aromatic herbs are handpicked from the local mountains

Caffe Corretto


Splash of Centerba


Combine and enjoy with a biscotto

Centerba Chocolate Chaud


2 oz Centerba
10 – 12 oz Classic Hot Chocolate

Serves 2
Creation by Warren Bobrow

Classic Hot Chocolate


1 cup Whole Milk
1 cup Heavy Cream
1 lb Grated Bittersweet Chocolate
1 tbsp Sugar or Honey


Combine milk and chocolate over medium heat
Stir constantly and do not boil
Add sugar or honey to taste
Preheat two mugs using hot water
Remove water and pour 1 oz Centerba in each mug
Add portion of hot chocolate
Adjust with sugar or honey if desired
Spoon fresh whipped cream on top