Deep in the hills of Oaxaca, the legend of a mysterious bat creature is said to escort those of the ancient Americas into the underworld. Mysterious, yet revered, the Camazotz legend inspired sacrifices throughout the Incas and Mayans to appease this beast. This bottle aged, Oaxacan rum is steeped in tradition, and has reignited traditional “Aguardiente de Cana” to satisfy the local thirst for liquid connections to their ancestors. Camazotz Oaxacan remains true to the traditions that reverberated through ancient cultures.

Leoncio Gaspar has taken the reigns in producing a rum that is: free from pesticides, making use of locally grown sugar cane in Sierra Mixe, and fermented openly taking on natural yeasts in the hills of Oaxaca. Created by hand, Camazotz flavor is an exceptional window to view/taste Mexican heritage from anywhere you are lucky enough to find a bottle. Savory, earthy and grassy, balanced with a slight sweetness, the complexity of life is contained in a bottle like an elixir on the shelf in an apothecary.

Serve neat for an experience into the terroir of Mexico. Use as a base to discover a rollercoaster of flavors alongside citrus juices and Falernums. Camazotz is versatile and can replace most aged and/or agave spirits in classic recipes.