Tuvè Drapò Gran Riserva

bottle size
bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Borders an amaro with intense root and tree bark notes
  • Dried plum and raisin
  • Loads of chewy clove and licorice notes
  • Long and lasting finish with dense character that lingers

Tasting notes from DrinkHacker.com

Serving Recommendations
  • Aperitif on the rocks
  • In cocktails
  • 87/100 Points, Silver Tastings.com 2020
  • GOLD ISW, Meiningers International Spirits Award 2017
  • GOLD ADI Spirits Competition 2016

Production Process

Milled In-House
Neutral Grain Spirit + Botanicals ]
Wormwood, Citrus Fruits, Herbs, Spices, Roots

30 Days

Slow Press


Stainless Steel
5 Weeks

Extracted Botanical Oils

[ Extracted Botanical Oils + Neutral Grain Spirit + Trebbiano Wine* + Sugar ]

Medium Toast, French Oak, Ex-Barbera Wine Barrels
8 Months


Stainless Steel
5 Weeks

Tuvè Drapò Gran Riserva

*An Italian and French grape variety that tends to be fruity with high acidity. Often used in Cognac and Armagnac.
Product Overview

Through out Italy there is what they call the Aperitivo hour(s) that takes place in local cafes and bars. This time is set apart each day to take part in drinks and snacks while they unwind and catch up with friends before the evening meal.

TUVè’s Drapò Gran Riserva is perfect for such an occasion.

Being a limited single barrel expression, it will be a time to remember, with the ones you love.

Seasons Change


1 ¼ oz    Stork House Rye Whiskey
1 oz         Tuvè Drapò Gran Riserva
¾ oz       Apple Brandy
2 dashes Peychauds Bitters
Garnish with Orange Twist


Add all ingredients to mixing glass with ice, stir
Strain into chilled cocktail glass
Garnish with orange twist

Smoke in America


1.5oz         Tuvè Drapò Gran Riserva
.75oz         Tuvè Bitters
.5oz            The Legendary Dark Silkie Irish Whiskey
1                  Bar spoon Tuvè Fernet


Build in glass with ice, stir
Garnish with orange twist



1oz             Prince Pastis de Marseille
.5oz            Tuvé Drapó Gran Riserva
1oz             Water (optional)


Add ingredients to glass with ice, stir