Tuvè Anita Limoncello Liqueur

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Tasting Notes
  • Aromas of unmistakable Silician lemon peel and hints of citrus blossom
  • Fresh lemon zest providing a zingy, nuanced and refreshing taste
  • Burst of citrusy goodness, with delicate, slightly acidic flavor
  • Silky smooth texture with balanced sweetness and depth
Serving Recommendations
  • Serve fresh; neat or on the rocks
  • After meal meditation liqueur
  • Harmonious with ice cream
  • Ideal for scenting spoon desserts
  • Versatile ingredient for cocktails

Production Process

Cold Infused
Interdonato I.G.P. of Messina lemon peels +
hydro alcoholic solution + sugar x maceration ]

Infusion stored in stainless steel tanks to mature*


*Stored for extended period of time at constant and controlled temperature

Limoncello Spritz


2 oz Tuvè Anita Limoncello
3 oz prosecco
1 oz club soda


Add ice to a large balloon or wine glass.
Layer ingredients in the glass and stir.
Garnish with fresh mint and a lemon slice.