Sloe Gin

bottle size
bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Cornucopia of ripe berries, dried fruits and caramelized grapes
  • Pleasurable almond aroma
  • Dominant Sloe Berry bitterness, paired with juniper and citrus
  • Full bodied with a lingering minty aftertaste
Serving Recommendations
  • Use to flavor fizzes and daisies
  • Use as the base of a highball for low ABV option
  • Wonderful pair to most cheeses
  • Plays well with clear spirits


  • 1 oz Tequila
  • 1/2 oz Spirit of Hven Sloe Gin
  • 3/4 oz Lemon
  • Soda Water
  • Grapefruit peel


  • Shake all ingredients together except
    soda water
  • Strain into a Collins glass with ice
  • Add soda to top
  • Drop a grapefruit peel in for garnish

Brand Overview

Historically known to Britain as a poor man port, Spirit of Hven has brought a rich mans quality to a dying tradition. Sloe Gin from Spirit of Hven is a modern revamp of an all but dead variety of gin created by peasants in the 19th century. Steeped (no pun intended) in traditions that required Sloe Berries to be punctured by Buckthorns from its own bush, the bitter berries have been revived by modern tastes gravitating away from sweet or acidic for a different experience in cocktails.

Spirit of Hven utilizes a slow maceration of Sloe Berries in its classic Organic Gin before distilling in their copper pot stills. The result of this process brings a delicate bitterness that is rounded out by adding sugar after resting for three months. Eventually proofed to 28.6%, the juniper and citrus from the base gin is still present while providing an exceptional companion to the bitter Sloe Berry.

Spirit of Hvens Sloe Gin should be used as a seasoning to cocktails and in conjunction with lime and lemon juice for acidity. Use as a base for cocktails that are intended for lower ABV.

Queens Sloe Gin

In the 19th century it was common place to puncture the berries used “The Queens Sloe Gin” with a silver needle from her hair pin.

Production Process

Organic Gin Macerates Sloe Berries

Split Macerated Gin in Two Parts

[ Part One + Part 2 ]

[Part 1 Distilled x Blending with Part 2]

Addition of Sugar x Graduating to 28.6%

Sloe Gin