Organic Navy Strength Gin

alc/vol (100 British Proof)
bottle size
bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Pure with clear notes of juniper and citrus
  • Light aroma of vanilla is built up by a spicy licorice note
  • The strong alcohol is balanced well by herbs and coriander
  • The sweetness from the oak leaves the balancing point mid-palate
  • Smooth, yet powerful
  • Licorice notes balance the acidity and sweetness from the oak maturation
  • Full mouthfeel with a lengthy, round finish
Serving Recommendations
  • Gin & Elderflower Tonic
  • DOUBLE GOLD San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
  • SILVER ADI Spirits Competition 2018
  • BRONZE IWSC 2016
  • BRONZE International Spirits Challenge 2016

Spirit of Hven Organic Navy Strength Gin is a unique distillate made from grain to bottle on the island of Hven in the strait of Öresund. This wonderful type of gin carries hundreds of years of history. Reshaped and further evolved to comply with new and safe distillation technique to adapt to modern drinking culture and refined scent and taste buds.

In the historical British commercial and naval fleet during the 1800th century, tradition bid that the officers drank gin and the lower ranking crew aboard consumed rum. Most commodities at the time were transported in oak casks because of their good characteristics. It was important that if the spirit casks leaked, they did not affect the gunpowder that might be in other casks. It was then found that at a strength of 100 proof (57.1% alc/vol), the gunpowder could still be ignited. It was also an easy way of discovering if somebody had “watered down” the spirit. This was known as Navy Strength or Over Proof.

This indirectly gave that most of the Navy Strength Gin being consumed was actually oak matured, something we rarely see today. With Spirit of Hven Organic Navy Strength Gin, we have recreated the original, historical character in a completely new and unique way.

Production Process

Fermented to 9.8% ABV; Over 68 Hours
[ Mash of Hven Organic Aged Wheat Vodka + Wheat + Barley + Rye ]

Minimum of 96% ABV
Column Distillation

Virgin Quercus Muehlenbergii
[ White American Oak x 24 Months ]

Juniper, Coriander, Cardamon, Cassia Bark, Orange & Lemon Peels
[ Fresh Organic Botanical Infusion x 24 Hours ]

Lavender, Chamomile, Elderflowers
[ Copper Pot Stills + Basket of Fresh Organic Herbs ]

Oxygen and Ph Levels Stabilize
[ Aerated x 3 to 6 Months ]

Gin as it Should Be, From Grain to Glass