bottle size
bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Undiluted
  • Lands mid tongue
  • Light, sweet candy aromas surrounded
    by scents of mint and fresh fruits; apples and cloudberries
  • Vanilla and cocoa
  • Boiled sweet corn
Serving Recommendations
  • Neat or over ice
  • Use in built cocktails for luxurious old fashions
  • Partner with vermouths and bitters

Brand Overview

According to history, Mercury was the cleverest god of Olympus. He ruled over wealth, fortune and commerce. His favorite activity was to rule the corn trade, and therefore, by proxy, the god of whiskey. The Spirit of Hven pays thanks to the god Mercury with the new expression named MerCurious. MerCurious is truly unique in combining Swedish corn with American values. An enticing combonation composed by Henric Molin.

MerCurious batches are comprised of 14 casks, all made with two types of virgin American White Oak (Chinkapin and Garry). The former adds a hazelnut sweetness and the latter creates a more floral aspect in the aging process. The mash of this spirit is 88% corn, giving a large, vibrant body reminiscent of classic American bourbon. The result of aging between 3 and 8 years in virgin oak is a spirit that is velvet smooth and complex in character. Swedish terroir reminds the drinker of classic candied fruit flavors accompanied by a distinctive European flavor: cloudberries.

MerCurious is a Swedish bourbon that has a mashbill of: 88% Corn, 5% Wheat, 3.5% Barley and 3.5% Rye. Exceptional on its own, displaying the maturity of older whiskeys despite its young age. The large body of the this bourbon is suitable for old fashioneds, Manhattans and Boulevardiers.

Barreling Program at Hven

Hven typically uses barrels (for MerCurious) that have dried between 18 to 72 depending on woodtype. Longer dried would directly impacts wood influence.

Production Process

Molasses sourced from 6,000 farmers in Belize

[Fermentation of Molasses + Single Column distillation]

Aged in American White Oak used Bourbon Barrels + Bottled in Cognac


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