Coffey Coffee Vodka

bottle size
bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Malty with hints of coffee, nuts, and oranges
  • Hints of Nougat, dried fruit, and fresh herbs
Serving Recommendations
  • Over ice
  • In coffee martini
  • Pairs well with both herbal and fruity flavors
  • Harmonizes with a nut liqueurs
  1. Spent grain is repurposed as cattle feed
  2. Tails go through waste-water purification process and then used for irrigation
  • Coffee is sourced from Lilla Kafferosteriet in Malmö, Sweden
  • Maceration & Distillation uses 3 Coffee Bean Varietals:
    • Ethiopian Arabica Beans (Sub Species: Yirgacheffe)
    • Jamaican Arabica Beans (Sub Species: Typica
    • Brazillian Robusta Beans

Brand Overview

Spirit of Hven is a family-owned craft distillery situated on the beautiful island Hven in the strait of Öresund between Sweden and Denmark. This unique distillery uses both column stills and pot stills, to create its own spirits from only the best organic grains. Before each spirit is made the ingredients are carefully selected and analyzed by the distillery’s own laboratory to ensure the highest quality. The final spirits are bottled and hand-waxed without any carbon- or chill-filtering, no color corrections, or additives.

Spirit of Hven distills its Coffey Coffee Vodka with a Continuous Coffey Still and then infused with coffee. The beans are a combination of light and medium roasted, arabica coffee grown in Ethiopia and Jamaica, and robusta beans from Brazil. During the second distillation, fresh beans are placed in the botanical basket and the vapors extract more flavor.

The Coffey still allows for continuous distillation that is faster and requires less energy for the same output compared to a traditional pot still. Coffey stills tend to produce a lighter spirit than pot stills leading most distillers to age the distillate to impart greater character.

Grain to glass

Production Process


(Organic Wheat + Water + Yeast) x 96hrs

Copper Pot Still x 1 yr

Continuous Still x 1 yr

Batch Column Still x1 yr

Virgin American White Oak x 12-48 mo

Batch Column Still x 1 yr


Steel Tanks x 3-6mo

Vodka Base*


PART A: Maceration

HVEN Vodka Base + Green Beans + Roasted Beans + Chocolate Roasted Beans


PART B: Distillation

(Vodka + Coffey still) x 24 hrs

Botanical Basket x 1

New Charred American Oak  x min. 6mo

Aerated x 2wks



PART A + PART B + Reverse Osmosis Water

Coffey Coffee Flavored Vodka

• The Hven Vodka base used for the Coffey Coffee Vodka is not made in the same method as the Spirit of Hven Organic Vodka which is bottled and sold. Please refer to that product sheet for details on the Spirit of Hven Organic Vodka