Aquavit Landskrona

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Tasting Notes
  • Complex, yet delicate
  • Strong aromas of caraway and fennel
  • Traditional flavors make way for Makrut lime and slight acidity
  • Lingering spicy finish from wormwood
Serving Recommendations
  • Neat
  • In shaken cocktails that contain coffee
  • Mixes well with gins, rye whiskies, and rum
  • Fennel and caraway flavors complimented with strawberry and lichee flavor



  • 2 oz Spirit of Hven Landskrona Aquavit
  • 1/2 oz Dry vermouth
  • 1/2 oz Bianco vermouth
  • 1 barspoon Crème de cacao
  • 2 dashes Orange bitters


  • Stir all ingredients to combine
  • Strain into a coupe glass

Brand Overview

Created to commemorate a love of King Erik of Pommern, Ladskrona Akvavit personalizes a a time in history where herbs healed the pains of sailors and Vikings. Spirit of Hven has a long history of creating spirits that pay homage to the roots of Scandinavian culture, with Akvavit being a significant contribution to its culture. Created using neutral grain vodka, aged in American White oak, aging mixed with a maceration of dill, caraway, fennel, wormwood, elder and lime creates a traditional flavor combined with modern experimentation. In more ancient times, these herbs were known to fight nightmares on the high seas, Landskrona definitely gives justice to this set of beliefs.

Slowly macerating the herbs of traditional akvavit separately in one barrel allows Spirit of Hven to create a delicately refined flavor. Aromas of forest meadows takes the drinker to warmer times, while the lingering finish of fennel and aniseed meet to combine with the spicy flavors of wormwood. The herbaceous flavors are rounded out with a subtle acidity and dryness that are long lasting on the palette.

Landskrona akvavit is a complex spirit that will work with earthy flavors like ginger and lemon grass. Pair with a marinated salmon dish for an unique culinary experience.

Pre Aging the Spirit

Spirit of Hven ages neutral grain alcohol for 12 months before distilling with its herbs. The barrel interaction provides stabilizers for the herbal flavors through distillation.

Production Process

Organic Vodka Aged for 12 Months

Aged vodka is split into two Parts

[ Part one used for maceration of Herbs + Part 2 For Blending ] +

[ Distillation With Herbs x Part 2 Married to Distilled Akvavit ]

Rested 6 months

Graduated to 48.1%

Landskrona Akvavit