Blanco Reserva

bottle size
Tasting Notes
  • Intense aromatics of sweet gentian and lemon verbena
  • Elegant, smooth, and refined mouthfeel
  • Slight sweetness with a touch of bitterness and angelica
  • Citrus finish; refreshing
Serving Recommendations
  • Serve chilled, neat
  • Over ice
  • DOUBLE GOLD Packaging Design San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017
  • GOLD Best White Vermouth Vinari Catalan Vermouth Awards 2016, 2017
  • SILVER Catavinum International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017
  • GOLD International Wine Awards 2017
  • BRONZE International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017
  • GOLD, INTERNATIONAL PACKAGING International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017
  • 92 POINTS Guía Peñin Spirits & Cocktails 2017
Celebrating a thousand-year-old tradition of using flowers, herbs, and spices to improve the taste of wine, this vermouth is enhanced with the zesty aromas of the Mediterranean citrus fruits that are intrinsic in their surroundings.

Production Process

 [ Mistela* ]

[ Barrel

1 Year

[ Signature Herb Extraction ]

[ Citrus Fruit Peels

Blanco Reserva

* A specific category of fortified wines that has the particularity of being produced from partially fermented grape juice in which alcohol is added, while for most fortified wines the fortification happens during or after fermentation; Common ingredient for fortified wines such as Sherry, Vermouth, and Marsala.

Mezcal Smoke on the Water


3⁄4 oz Buen Bicho Mezcal
3⁄4 oz Padró Blanco Reserva Vermouth
3⁄4 oz Black Note Amaro
1⁄2 oz Bailoni Wachauer Gold-Apricot Liqueur


Add ingredients to mixing glass with ice, stir
Strain into rocks glass with large ice cube

Catalan Dream


2 oz Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva
1 ¾ oz Pineapple juice
½ oz Blue Curaçao


Pineapple Wedge
Fill a tumbler with crushed ice
Add all ingredients; stir
Garnish with pineapple