Marc Des Hospices de Beaune

The history of the Hospices de Beaune dates back to 1443. The namesake of this luxurious Marc is a hospital founded to care for the sick and wounded after the 100 Year War between the English and French. It has remained an active hospital throughout five centuries, modernized over the years, with assets bequeathed and land donated to keep the facility solvent.

Today the Hospices owns 57 hectares of Grand Crus and Premier Crus in Côte de Beaune. Every year, on the third Sunday of November, wine lots and finished brandies from their premium vineyards are sold by auction in Burgundy, French Oak barrels. The proceeds go to the hospital, to the restoration of the historic building, and to the operation of the winery.

Bearing the label “Hospices de Beaune” serves at utmost exclusivity. It is very prestigious to be the highest bidder as the labels are produced only per the quantity won in auction each year.

This Marc from Les Hospices de Beaune comes from the House of Vedrenne, and is one of the most famous brandies available in France, and certainly one of the most rare.


Aging is done at the House of Vedrenne Cellars.

Along the way, the Marc is transferred to 100 year old wood vats to unify single vintage lots. There are no more tannins to give but the slow aging is ideal for such a brandy.


As only dry skins and pips are used to make Marc de Bourgogne, the resulting spirit has less of a fruity character and is much more reliant on mouth-feel.

Marc de Bourgogne must be distilled from pomace of grapes following the burgundy appellation laws for wine. As of now, all red wine varietals for Marc de Bourgogne are pinot noir.

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