Bas Armagnac Distiller’s Cut

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The spirit of Armagnac has been steeped in history and traditions for more than two
centuries. At Gaspard De M., vines—which can date 30 years old—have seen the changes in weather and soil conditions. During much of that time, bartenders have been trying to figure out ways to preserve the integrity of a spirit that is rich in aroma and fruity, dry characteristics. Gaspard de M. has set their mind to creating a highly accessible eaux-de-vie for bartenders. Armagnac cocktails have never been easier to master with the Distiller’s Cut Bas Armagnac.

This 3-year aged armagnac features a blend of Ugni and Colombard grapes grown in clay loam soils known as “tawny sands.” Distiller’s Cut bas Armagnac displays a bouquet of flowers, gentle wood notes, baking spice and hint of roasted coffee. Used and fresh Gascony black oak barrels add character and spice to cocktails of all kinds. Bottled at a high proof (45.3% ABV), the Distiller’s Cut expression pushes through on any serving technique.

Distiller’s Cut carries cocktails of any technique and serving style. Citrus and herbs such as mint can make an interesting, delicious, and refreshing smash. The age and woodiness is perfect in stirred cocktails like a sazerac, old fashioned, and Manhattan variations.


During their time in the unique 16th century cellar, the eaux-de-vie are carefully monitored, aerated, and blended (Angel’s Share Ranges 1.5% – 4% Annually).

  • Woodiness paired with spices reminiscent of
    whiskey and rum
  • Fresh prunes and wood aromas
  • Roasted coffee finish
  • Fruity, baking spice and dry finish
  • Great for stirred cocktails
  • Interesting substitute for whiskey in cocktails
    containing lemon and grapefruit
  • Pairs fantastically with vermouths and liqueurs
    such as crème de menthe and crème de cacao

Production Process

[ Occurs by September 30 ]

Harvest Ugni and Colombard Grapes + Crush

Natural Fermentation

[ No Fining or Filtration Before Distillation ]

Wine Resting on Lees

[ Gives Floral & Fruity Flavors ]

[ By Law, Completed by March 31 ]

Wine Distillation x Continuous Alembic Still*

[ New Black Gascon 400L ]

New Oak Barrels x 3 Months


[ Used Black Gascon Oak ]

Used Oak x 33 Months Minimum

Distillate Cut and Graduated at 45.3% ABC

Gaspard de M. bas Armagnac


*Final product is of eaux-de-vie blended from batches distilled by a 1923 Proprietary Still and batched distilled by a Roving Still