Bas Armagnac Blanche

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The spirit of Armagnac has been steeped in history and traditions for more than two centuries. During much of that time, bartenders have been trying figure out ways to preserve the integrity of a spirit that is rich in aroma and fruity, dry characteristics. Gaspard de M. has set their mind to create a highly accessible, yet innovative eaux de-vie for bartenders. Armagnac cocktails have never been easier to master with the Blanche Bas Armagnac.

This unaged armagnac features a blend of Ugni and Colombard grapes that display a bouquet of flowers, funky exotic fruit with peppers. Vines range from 3 to 30 years and are grown in soil with high clay content called “tawny sands” resulting in grapes with higher acidity. Unaged, but rested for one year in steel vats, allows the intended fruity, dry characteristics of armagnac to be preserved and enjoyed by the drinker and drink maker. Bottled at a high proof (44.5% ABV), the Blanche expression pushes through on any serving technique.

Blanche is highly effective in sours and drinks with fruitier flavor profiles. Blanche has a brightness that can punch up tiki cocktails, sours like daiquiris or mojitos, but can also add complexities to cocktails like a Vesper or Martinez.

  • Tropical fruit notes accompanied by peppers and white flowers
  • Smooth finish
  • Very bright and light
  • Great for tiki cocktails
  • Adds complexity to shaken cocktails like a Mai Tai, mojito, or sidecar
  • Punch up a stirred cocktail that normally features gin and vermouth


From vines grown in the Villeneuve-de-Marsan region, the wine rests on the lees, unfiltered, until distillation which gives dry, fruity profiles to the finished product.

Production Process

[ Occurs by September 30 ]

Harvest Ugni and Colombard Grapes + Crush

Natural Fermentation

[ No Fining or Filtration Before Distillation ]

Wine Resting on Lees

[ Gives Floral & Fruity Flavors ]

[ By Law, Completed By March 31 ]

Wine Distillation x Continuous Alembic Still*

Stainless Steel x 1 Year Minimum

Distillate Cut and Graduated at 44.5% ABV

Gaspard de M. Blanche Bas Armagnac


*Final product is of eaux-de-vie blended from batches distilled by a 1923 Proprietary Still and batched distilled by a Roving Still