ARC Botanical Gin

bottle size
Serving recommendations
  • Neat
  • On ice
  • In a martini with citrus twist
  • Use in any gin forward cocktail looking for exotic botanicals
Tasting Notes
  • Fresh highlights of pomelo and calamansi
  • Earthy coriander
  • Savory juniper with notes of mango
  • Hints of perfumed lavender
  • Floral dryness from the angelica seeds and chamomile
  • Notes of lemongrass, cinnamon, and black pepper
  • Finishes with a clean balance of juniper, citrus, lemon balm and spicy cardamom
  • GOLD L.A. Spirit Awards 2021
  • PLATINUM SIP Awards 2021
  • GOLD / BEST OF CATEGORY World Gin Awards 2019

Production Process

Whole Kernel French Winter Wheat from Champagne, France
Extra Neutral Alcohol

Delicate Fresh Botanicals in Column*
Botanical Vapor Basket

Hardy Botanicals in Pot**
Botanical Maceration

450L-Carl Copper Pot Still
8 Hour Distillation

Filtered Spring Water from Volcanic Aquifers at Mt. Makiling

ARC Botanical Gin***

*Fresh Citrus, Benguet Pine, Sampaguita, Jasmine, Kamia, and Ylang-Ylang etc. **Juniper, Coriander, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Angelica, Citrus Pulp, and Fresh Mango, along with a range of others.
***Unfiltered to preserve the flavors and aromas of the extracted essential oils.