Espíritu Lauro Mezcal Reposado

bottle size
  • PLANT AGE 12 Years (Karwiinksii / San Martinero),7 Years (Espadin)
  • ELEVATION 4,757 ft
  • TERRAIN Slopes of the Southern Oaxaca mountain range
  • PROPAGATION Reproduction by hijuelos
Tasting Notes
  • Lustrous golden hue with a soft bouquet of warm spices and subtle smoke
  • Creamy and rich of deep caramel notes
  • Tropical fruit with vanilla bean enhanced with smoky tones
  • A touch of vanilla and spice enhanced with light, smoky tones intrigues the palate
Serving Recommendations
  • Neat in aperitif glass
  • 93 POINTS 2017
100% AGAVE
Espadín 70% and Karwinskii (Cirial) 30%

Production Process

[ [ Hand Harvest of Agave Piña + Pit-Roasting ]

[ Tahona Chilena ] ]

Wooden Vats x 5 to 15 Days

Copper Pot Distillation*

Ex-Bourbon Barrels x 3 Months

Artisan Mezcal

Single distillation in copper stills native to the Ejutla region designed to allow for the fullest agave aromas and flavors