A Gold Medal for Padró & Co. Dorado Amargo Suave at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition

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The San Francisco World Spirit Competition (SFWSC), the most prestigious spirits contest in the US, has awarded a Gold medal to Padró & Co. Dorado Amargo Suave vermouth at the competition’s 2021 tasting, which took place in April. The official results were published on 5th May.

Padró & Co. Dorado Amargo Suave made by Padró i Familia at the family’s winery in Bràfim (Tarragona, Spain) is an amber vermouth celebrating bitter flavours and balancing them perfectly with other sweeter elements. Padró & Co. Dorado Amargo Suave is made using a white base wine made with grapes from the Padró family’s own estates. An infusion of bitter herbs is then added and the coupage is aged in semi-new chestnut barrels that give the vermouth a fresh and alpine flavour. The combination of a high-quality white base wine with a select infusion of botanicals as well as an absence of caramel are what give this vermouth its natural golden colour. 

The unique style of this amber vermouth, with its blend of refreshing and balsamic sensations in the mouth, won over the SFWSC panel, a group of respected international experts, in their blind tasting of the beverages submitted to the competition.

The 2021 competition received a total of 3,800 spirits entries from all over the world, 20% more than the previous year. Thanks to the wide range of beverages submitted and the impartiality of the panel, which tastes blind over several days, without receiving any information about the products, the SFWSC has established itself as one of the benchmark competitions for exceptional products in the spirits industry worldwide.


About Vermouth Padró & Co.

The Padró & Co. vermouths are the fruit of a long vermouth-making tradition dating back to 1886 in the village of Bràfim, Tarragona.

The vermouths are made using the Padró family’s best wines and mistelas, carefully blended with different aromatic roots, plants and citrus peel.

The different types of wooden barrels used at the winery give the vermouths their special character and mean that they are stored in optimum conditions.

Visitors to Casa Vermouth Padró can learn all about how vermouth is made using traditional methods.