The Essence of Ginger Root in a bottle
Fiery + Fresh. Spicy + Smooth

Pataka captures the authentic taste and sensation of ginger. Made with ginger root sourced exclusively from its native lands, it is an exotic elixir packed with the fiery, fresh flavour that all ginger-philes crave. Blended by artisan distillers for a perfectly balanced taste and texture, it is the ideal choice for any mixologist who wants to turn up the heat on their creations.

A real firecracker

Ginger inspires passion like no other ingredient. You could call it piquant or aromatic, fiery or fresh, earthy, addictive or simply scrumptious. By selecting the finest roots and macerating them with care and expertise, we ensure that Pataka perfectly captures this exotic flavor profile. And because we are so sure it will give your cocktails an explosively vibrant kick, we even named it after the Punjabi word for “firecracker!”

Ethical to the core, with French savoir-faire

Pataka is produced by Ethical Wine & Spirits, a brand committed to Fairtrade and with innovation and sustainability at its core. By operating independently and employing the finest traditions of French liqueur-making, Ethical Wine & Spirits blend the finest virtues of past and present.

We go back to the roots

Because Pataka is a liqueur for the purist, we use the most carefully and responsibly sourced ingredients. We export fairtrade ginger root from the Indian subcontinent of its origin. We are also strictly committed to using Fairtrade cane sugar. But most important is what we don’t put in: Pataka contains no extra flavorings, no other spices, nothing but ginger. It’s the root, the whole root and nothing but the root.