Miel de Tierra Sal de Gusano

g (3.5 oz)
bottle size
g (17.6oz)
bottle size
  • Umami with mild heat
  • Earthy, rounded, mineral
  • Serve on an orange slice
  • Cocktail Rimming Salt
  • Try a dash inside a mezcal cocktail
  • Pairs well with chocolate and caramel
  • Savory with eggs, steak, ceviche and fruit
    WSWA 2018

Hand Crafted • Locally Sourced

“By partnering with a local charitable organization, we exclusively employ Indigenous Adults with physical disabilities in the preparation of our Sal de Gusano.”

“By combining time-tested traditions with modern technology, we’re able to craft a style of mezcal that enviously isolates the key and raw essence of its ingredients.”