Miel de Tierra Añejo Reserva

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  • Decadent nose of creme brûlée and acacia honey
  • The palate is of fresh pastry and golden raisin tones
  • A True hedonist’s take on agave that betrays no smoke or mesquite flavors
  • Only a trickle of cinnamon candy on the tongue
  • “Well incorporated, pleasant oak tones”
    —John Rankin, Distiller.com
  • 89 POINTS
    Distiller.com 2017

The Legacy

Zacatecas Region

Just like in waiting for an agave plant to mature, patience is key in producing a fine Añjeo Mezcal. Produced from the private family reserve, five years in the making, the perpetual remark of pure oak flavor and aroma becomes the lifeblood of this Añjeo Mezcal.

  • Product Mezcal 100% Agave Type I
  • State Zacatecas
  • Region Jalpa
  • Quality Premium
  • Category Aged
  • Agave Weber
  • Agave Maturity 10 years
  • Barrel White Oak Virgin Caskets
  • Grinder Mechanical Grinding
  • Distiller Rustic Copper Alembic
  • Times Distilled Two
  • Fermentation Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
  • Aging 2-5 years
  • Fermenting Vats Stainless Steel Vats
  • Oven Autoclave Oven
  • Maestra Mezcalera Doña Teresa Rubio Murillo