Miel de Tierra Agave Salmiana

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  • Exotic aromas harmonize beautifully with delicate, controlled smoky notes
  • An underlying peppery touch with soft green vegetale notes
  • Mid-palate offers a moderately powerful smoke punch that is gently sweet and saline-like
  • Suddenly, a tropical fruit note on the finish
  • 92 POINTS
    Distiller.com 2017
    Spirit Journal 2016

The Classic

San Luis Potosi Region

Each sip of MDT Salmiana captures the exatic taste of the ruggest landscape wehre the salmiana agave is grown, granting a taste of the wilderness in the rural spirit of México. Salmiana agave only grows in the secluded region of San Luis Potosi in Central Mexico.

  • Product Mezcal 100% Agave Type I
  • State San Luis Potosi
  • Region Mexquitic de Carmona
  • Quality Premium
  • Category Joven
  • Agave Wild Salmiana
  • Agave Maturity 10 years
  • Barrel N/A
  • Grinder Three-Ton Tahona
  • Distiller Rustic Copper Alembic
  • Times Distilled Two
  • Fermentation Yeast Wild Yeast
  • Aging Unaged
  • Fermenting Vats Local Pine Wood Vats
  • Oven Conical Stone Oven
  • Maestro Mezcalero Don Juan Zarur Flores