Forgotten Casks Cognac

bottle size
  • Soft, mellow, and warm character
  • Delicate and perfectly balanced
  • Long and elegant finish
  • Neat
  • On the rocks
  • In cocktails such as a Sidecar
    The Spirit Journal 2016

“The big splash is found in the mid-palate which is creamy in texture, piquant and spicy in flavor profile, and just all-around yummy.”


The hand-selected Forgotten Casks lay hidden in the recesses of cellars of the finest cognac producers.

Aging is carefully conducted over two decades in old barrels to impart only a limited amount of tannins allowing delicate fruit and floral aromas and light vanilla notes to shine through.

Lot numbers are designated for each selection indicating the year bottled and the selection sequence of the cognac blend (Lot 16-2, Year 16 Bottling 2).
Special custom blends are offered for full cask purchases.

2016 Bottling

The inaugural 2016 bottling is composed of a small number of cognacs from the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois districts.

“We offer these very small batches of cognac for placement in the finest retail stores, restaurants and bars. The Forgotten Casks Cognac is truly non-commercial and unique. To taste these one-of- a-kind treasures is a revelation.”