Distiller’s Art 2011 Ben Nevis

  • Intricate depth with a fruity, old school style aroma
  • Chewy with a unique leathery note
  • Rich, thick finish

Ben Nevis Distillery Fact

The Ben Nevis distillery was closed in 1986 for a while and the future was uncertain. Fortunately, it was purchased from Whitbread by the Japanese Nikka distillery in 1989.

It took some time to get the whisky production up and running again, but Ben Nevis was reopened again in 1991 and has been running smoothly ever since.

  • Aged 6 Years
  • Cases Available (6/750ML) 40
  • Bottling Strength 60.60% alc/vol
  • Cask Type Bourbon
  • Year Founded 1825
  • Water Source Lochy River
  • Region Western Highlands